Social media management

GOAL: Roam Artisan Burgers is a successful chain of restaurants with 3 locations in San Francisco. They're a young, fun brand that elevates the burger experience. Their goal is to attract local diners in-store, grow their social media presence and engage + excite potential and existing customers.

IMPACT: We set out to make cheesy burgers look even better by creating content that elicits craveability.  Our zoomed in approach showcased close-ups of the food and their use of complex spices, course sea salt, and intentionally sourced ingredients. We highlighted Roam’s wide variety of menu items, which extends beyond “the average burger joint”.  We also highlighted Roam’s take-out service, to show customers that grabbing a burger to go is sometimes better enjoyed around the beautiful city of SF.  The impact of our content and social media strategy yielded increased customer engagement and followership online.  

100% increase in followers  / 90% increase conversations + likes