Full service social media management + monthly photography services

BACKGROUND:  Little Gem is a “fine casual” restaurant in SF run by a prominent team of restaurateurs and chefs. Their goal is to draw in millennials and refresh the Little Gem brand with a younger, fresher take on their dining experience. They also sought to define their online voice and brand, while building their social media presence to leverage increased in-store traffic.

OVERVIEW:  We created unique visual content showcasing the “fun” and “casual” side of dining at Little Gem. Instagram and Facebook have become the most impactful social channels for restaurants, so we fixed our focus there. We were able to spark genuine conversations with millennials, which ultimately brought them through the door. The result has been an uptick in millennial transactions in-store, a fresher brand feel, and a happy relationship with Little Gem that we continue to maintain.

102% increase in followers /   700% increase in conversations + likes

before and after